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Structure designed by SO-IL.
2DAN FLAVIN_untitled.jpg
Dan Flavin untitled (to Henri Matisse), 1964
3BRIAN CALVIN_MemoryofASister.jpg
Brian Calvin  Memory of a Sister (Eva), 2012
                    Memory of a Sister (Con), 2012
4KEES GOUDZWAARD1_RomanFigure_TemporaryOrder.jpg
Kees Godzwaard  Roman Figure, 2012
                           Temporary Order, 2012
Michael Bauch Untitled.
I wouldn't know what to call it either.
6AMANDA ROSS-HO_TimeWaitsForNoOne.jpg
Amanda Ross-Ho  Time Waits for No One, 2012

Kaye Donache  And I am weary of my lonely ease, 2012
                       Full of whispers full of sighs, 2012
8DAMIEN HIRST_I_Want_You_too.jpg
Damien Hirst  I Want You Too, 1993
9JOHANNES KAHRS_Untitled.jpg
Johannes Kahrs  Untitled (Mädchen gehend gehalten), 2012
10RACHEL FEINSTEIN_prima ballerina tamara copy.jpg
Rachel Feinstien Prima Ballerina Tamara, 2012
Kind of a stalker moment, but I usually walk past her studio on my way home from 
work... I think she was painting this one day.
Wim Delvoye
Forgot to get the info on this. Sorry..
12WEIWEI AI_MarbleDoor.jpg
Weimei Ai Marble door, 2006
Talia Chetrit  Hand, 2012
Christoph Büchel Shoe Tree, 2012
On Sunday I went to the much anticipated (well, at least I was anticipating it) Frieze Art 
Fair. The atmosphere was refreshing. Among the many pluses of the day.. the way they 
brought in the natural light from the structure's translucent ceiling made a big difference. 
They did a good job on the food too. Definitely going back next year.
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