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August-Sander-8 kids.jpeg

I could wear either outfit.
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photo copy 8.JPG
photo copy 10 copy.jpg
photo copy 6.JPG
Commander in Chief, by Brian Tolle at the CRG Gallery
I was visiting the galleries in Chelsea a few months ago and found this exhibit. I love 
how he curated this collection of campaign pins from the past few decades.
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I found these on the way out of a fabric appointment this morning. Vintage ties from 

the personal collection of Ratti fabric's founder. 
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I love, love, love these Andy Warhol x Nars eye shadow pallets. I would buy them but I
wouldn't know how to begin to apply.
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photo (3).JPG

Tony Smith
Oil on Canvas
Shown at the Matthew Marks Gallery
From my earliest memories, my father gave me and my sister only three colors to 
work with: red, yellow and blue. He told us we could create all the colors we wanted 
from these three. He stood his ground till about my early teens. It was challenging, 
but from that I developed an amazing sense and obsession for color. It is also my 
most successful form of therapy. Just stand me in front of a wall full of color. Instant 
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I loved everything about this video.  Perfection!  The color, costumes, hair... oh and I 
like the song too!
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Woman with Child 1965
Chinon 1987
Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France 
Shadow Picture 1968
Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal
I never appreciated the breadth of Gerhard Richter's work.  I was even told by 
"someone" that I would not like it.  I love it!! Thank you Centre Pompidou. 
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Taken at Les Docks exhibit in Paris.  

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For Spring 2013 we started with Japan. In the 1850s, Japan ended it's isolationist policy and
open up to the west. This was during the Victorian period.  We discovered just how much
western Victorian ideals and dress were influencing Japanese culture. Then looked closely at
Japanese work wear and mixed these silhouettes and shapes with Victorian lines. The prints
and palate, a mix of Victorian hues and the colors, similar to  these vintage black and white
Japanese photos that  have been colored over.
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Untitled (Fold), 2011.  Acrylic paint on canvas/wooden stretcher. 
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Mobil designed by Renilde De Peuter.  I think it comes in a few different combinations.  
You can buy them from the Fine Little Day Shop.  
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Thumbnail image for clinique.jpg

These may be some of my favorite ads. Irving Penn for Clinique from the 80's 
or 90's? I can't remember...
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Thumbnail image for MarcJacobsResort13Look08.jpg
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Sol Lewitt
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While shopping vintage with my favorite dealer Mary Catalina, I came upon this 
Wendy Gell hair clip from the 80's, made of flea market salvages. I loved it but left it behind. 
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While I was Germany, Shirley made a summer vacation stop in Paris and went to the 
Musée Galliera, to see the Balenciaga exhibit at Les Docks. I love this necklace... it's 
is so big and colorful.  We don't know the year? Shirley was too excited to get next 
door to see the COMME des GARÇONS to note.
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Geoffrey Farmer 1.jpg

Geoffrey Farmer 2.jpg
Geoffrey Farmer 4.jpg
Geoffrey Farmer 5.jpg
Geoffrey Farmer 6.jpg
Geoffrey Farmer
Leaves of Grass, 2012 
This piece had so much going on it needed it's own post.  It's one giant collage of 
print cutouts attached to bamboo sticks. This piece  was broken up into different 
stories which played out over many, many meters (it extended a whole hallway)..
Cameras, umentionables, spooky faces... Willy Wonka for big people.
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Michael Nevin of The Journal insisted that I see this art show in Kassel while in 
Germany. I had no idea what to expect. The show took over the city, taking over 8 
locations for over 100 days.  Here are some of the pieces I liked..

Carl Freidrich Echtermeier.jpg

Carl Freidrich Echtermeier, Carrara-Marmor, 1882
This one was not part of the exhibit, but I liked it anyway..  I thought the figures looked 
nice in the hall- like a pallet cleanser.  I also liked the vents that were placed 
throughout the hall (shown below).
Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri.jpg
Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Untitled, 2009
I look a photograph of this painting and it reminds me of a tapestry. There were many 
many tapestries- they were the most dominating trend of the show...  
Ida Applebroog.jpg
Ida Applebroog 2.jpg
Journals, 1969-2011
Yan Lei 1.jpg
Yan Lei 2.jpg
Yan Lei, Limited Art Project, 2012
These reminded me of old black and white photographs that were later colored in. 
Photos in this technique also happen to be the basis of my color palette for Spring 13... 
The room was covered with these paintings from the ceilings down the wall.  
Andrea Buttner.jpg
Andrea Büttner
I love Smurfs.
Sleepy kiddo.jpg
Aren wiped out...we only made it to 3 of 8 of the exhibits.
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