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Introducing Chloé Horseman
The photographer and long time friend of the brand has just published her first monograph, In Between. Now available online and in our soho store.


Since 2019, Araks has had the pleasure of collaborating with the extraordinarily talented photographer Chloé Horseman. Chloé's keen eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of quiet unexpected beauty have made her a part of our creative journey. Her work transcends the ordinary, revealing layers of emotion and artistry that resonate deeply with our philosophy. 

We're thrilled to introduce Chloé’s new book, In Between, a stunning collection that encapsulates her unique vision and profound sensitivity. This book is more than just a compilation of photographs; it’s a journey through moments that linger in the space between what is seen and what is felt.

In Between will be available both in our online gift shop, The Color Shop and in our Soho store. Join us in celebrating Chloé Horseman’s incredible talent and immerse yourself in the beauty of the in-between.





Can you tell us about your upbringing and background? What was your childhood like, and how was creativity and self-expression cultivated in your adolescence?


I grew up in Augusta, GA. The South is a weird but beautiful place. I vividly remember two things about my youngest years. 1–I was always a little sweaty. 2–I ALWAYS chose my outfit, even if it did not fit. My father owns a women’s clothing store in my hometown that has dressed generations of women. I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged my creativity. As a child, my father made everything an art project. I think I have come to look at things in a similar way as an adult. Most things already feel like a project. Why not make it an art project?



Do you recall a moment or point when you became aware of your interest in photography?   


My father gave my sister and me his hand-me-down Nikon film cameras one holiday when I was around 8. I remember it being very heavy for my little arms. I loved looking through the viewfinder searching for moments that felt special, a solo treasure hunt. 

Your second book, a monograph titled In Between has just come out. Can you start by telling us how the book was conceived?


In Between is a collective of five years of work. I had been wanting to make another book for a while but felt so lost on where to start. I have SO many photos. I met Jake Zielinkski over a year ago and loved his eye for design and curation. When he mentioned he was starting a publishing company. I started digging through my hard drives. 





In Between suggests a space of transition or liminality. What sparked the idea for this monograph, and how does it connect to your personal or artistic journey?


In Between came from the feeling my images give. On set or just scrolling through my camera roll I have had countless people tell me that I capture in between moments. I never really knew that about my work or myself until the past couple of years. I think I feel more in the moments between big events. I pay attention to things more and choose to see things I would normally miss.  

Could you share a glimpse into your creative process? How do you decide which moments capture that elusive in-between feeling?


Picking the images came easily to me. I knew which moments were special not by the way the images look but by the exact feeling I had when taking the image. I know when I love an image even before it is developed and scanned. 


Each photograph tells a story. Could you share a personal story or connection to one of the photographs that particularly moves you?


There are many moments of Araks in this book. Shooting Araks is such a treat to me. I love the team and the lingerie. Most of all I love the trust they have for my work. They let me shoot Araks the way I see it and for an artist that trust means everything. There is a spread of a woman named Charlotte in the book. She is wearing the Briar bra and Josie panty and holding a tulip. To take the shot I remember lying on the bed next to her. I remember thinking how incredible it is to make art with women in such a relaxed but safe setting. 

Your first book Outtakes was published in 2019. How is In Between different?


It's funny because I thought they would be very similar. You can tell my priorities shifted when you compare the two books. Outtakes was very fashion focused. In 2019 my main focus was being a fashion photographer. I was 21 living in Brooklyn and at the very start of my career. The only thing I saw in my future was fashion photography and paying the next month's rent. In Between has some fashion forward work but it leans more towards motherhood, nature, and human connection. I think COVID had a huge impact on how I saw myself and my future. Human interaction was sparse and I found myself valuing my time behind the camera much more. 

An image from Chloe´ Horseman's Book, In Between


How do you hope your audience will engage with or be impacted by this book?


I think looking through an art book is such a sacred moment. Seeing through another's eyes and taking the time to understand or appreciate someone else's moments. I hope that people find themselves slowing down and not taking themselves too seriously. I hope they forget the race of the day for a second and just be. 

How do you see In Between as a reflection of your growth as a photographer, and where do you see your art going next?


This book is so special to me. It makes me excited for my future because I have gained so much confidence as a photographer and as a woman. I think my art will always be changing due to life always evolving but I feel like I am beginning to find my own voice. I hope to have a show soon in NY or LA. Stay tuned :)



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