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Araks Yeramyan's designs are based on the principle that a woman's beauty should be effortless and is most evident when she is comfortable.  These principles, along with numerous and ever-changing inspirations, inform her beautifully crafted Lingerie and Ready-to-Wear collections, ARAKS.

As a girl armed with red, yellow, and blue colored pencils, Araks developed a passion for all forms of creative expression that carried her through high school and into the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1993.  Araks focused on fashion design and throughout her years at Parsons she interned with Marc Jacobs.  Araks found herself drawn to other avenues of visual art including painting, photography and silk screening.  She spent a summer studying at Central Saint Martins in London and continued to explore different forms of art and design. There, she realized the possibility of combining all of her art experiences and applying them to fashion.  The philosophies at Central Saint Martins inspired Araks with a renewed desire to fully commit herself to a life of fashion design.  After her graduation in 1998, Araks accepted a freelance position at J. Crew where she worked on lingerie and swimwear design.

In 2000, Araks harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit and focused her skills and knowledge on developing her namesake lingerie collection.  ARAKS is a collection of lingerie that is subtly sexy and sophisticated and made in her favorite fiber - cotton.  The collection fills a niche for women who desire colorful, playful and feminine undergarments that make them feel beautiful from the inside out.  ARAKS lingerie quickly became a must have in the celebrity and fashion community; fans include Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams.

Araks launched her Ready-to-Wear collection in the Spring of 2006.  The design of the woman's wear is based in the same principles as her perennially successful lingerie collection.  ARAKS offers sophisticated sportswear incorporating iconic luxury with natural fibers.  It is clothing that makes a woman feel confident and comfortable, all while eliciting her natural beauty.

In Spring 2008, Araks added a range of Organic Cotton Lingerie to her collection that launched with critical acclaim at Barney's New York.  The collection is constructed with only certified organic cotton fibers and colors are produced with natural vegetable based pigments

Araks'  blog aptly titled, "Sharing Beauty with the World", allows her to share beautiful and inspiring objects with a broader audience. featured the blog shortly after it launched in December 2008.  Updated daily, the blog showcases a wide range of images from a billboard in a Canal Street Subway station to artist, Marc Quinn's,  large-scale flower sculpture, "An Overwhelming World of Desire."

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My name is Araks.
This is a running diary of my inspirations.

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