THE ARMORY SHOW 2012 By Araks on 2012-03-12 12:48:01 -0400 | No comments | Share on FACEBOOK
I went to the Armory Show in New York on Sunday. I liked this year better then last... 
Though I didn't make it through the whole show. I also went to see Cindy Sherman at 
the Moma earlier that day. Too much art to process. These are some of my favorites.


Tommy Høvik -  On the bottom it says "WTF happened to love letters?  

Munean-Rosenblum 2009
Under her  "What she felt was a lighthearted sort of compassion, a swish of tender 
hilarity, getting the better of all her sores and hallows." 
Under him "He did not know what to do next,  even supposing there was a next thing 
and, if there was, that he should do it."
Gideon Rubin
Kader Attia 
Mirrors, 2012
Shirana Shahbazi
Marine Hugonnier 
Art for Modern Architecture GViet Gaurdian End of Vietnam War, 2011
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