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Looking for inspiration.. Yesterday we walked around Chelsea, in and out of a few 

galleries. My favorite was Kim Dong Yoo's exhibit at the Hasted Hunt Kraeutler Art 
Gallery. Love the relationship between the two people... Maryiln all over JFK. Princess 
Diana all over the Queen. I didn't know what the connection was between Einstein & 
Marylin so I googled it. It's crazy, they look one in the same.  If I were to pick any of 
these to hang in my house, I'd pick the Van Gogh because I don't think I'd like 
paintings of people.
Thumbnail image for KimDongYoo.JFK.jpg
John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe, 2010
Queen Elizabeth II & Diana, 2012
Albert Einstein & Marilyn Monroe, 2010
Thumbnail image for KimDongYoo.VanGough.jpg
Sunflowers & Van Gogh, 2010
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