Introducing Prestidge Beaute' Active Organics
by Shawnelle Prestidge

Can you tell us a little about your background in beauty?

I started out very early on as an esthetician—obsessed with beautiful skin and the idea of preserving it (and extractions)–but with a deep desire to be a makeup up artist working in fashion ‘one day’…and here I am many years later having come full circle.


Why did you create your own line of skincare? 

I guess it started when I was forty, about to give birth, the economy had tanked, my skin was starting to change, and I suddenly realized that I was ready to make the 'organic serum of my dreams'! I wanted something that truly worked. Something I could use on my whole family, as well as all of my clients of any age and with all different skin needs: from healing rashes on toddler skin, acne on teenagers or reducing blotchy tones and puffy under-eye pillows to firming, plumping, and tightening mature skin or getting the perfect balance for oily, dry, and sensitive skin types. In the world of excess, I wanted one single universal serum to address and treat it all...and then the little love of my life entered the world...long pause! 


How long did it take to develop your line? 

It took several moves, and surviving my husband’s near fatal/life-altering accident, coupled with lots of therapy over the course of roughly seven years or so…when I found myself in the kitchen helping my husband make a cannabis salve (to help quell his nerve pain), which was the catalyst that lead to my first lip balm.

Having done so much research years prior while pregnant (coupled with an aromatherapy class I was taking) the rest of the line flowed out of me in six months. I made two or three incarnations of each product–testing on my models, celebrities, and industry friends along the way–and then I arrived at the perfect blend(s) of what I had sought to create: an extremely effective, highly active, organic skin care line that delivers real results that you can see for all skin types!


How and where do you source your ingredients? 

I source all of my organic and wild-crafted ingredients individually through global and ethical suppliers and growers.


What does “wild-crafted” mean?

Wild-crafted means grown in the wild and not farmed.


Can you tell us where and how your products are made? 

They are made (by me) in small batches by hand, with love and Reiki, in my home laboratory in Brooklyn. Producing in small batches ensures potency and freshness.


Was there something you kept in mind while formulating your products?

I was determined to use all organic and wild-crafted ingredients with absolutely no preservatives, parabens, pthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or SLS’s.  My Ageless Skin Serum comes in a bottle made of miron violet glass, which serves as the preservative. (It will be available in a smaller, 10 ml rollerball size soon!) Miron violet glass has outstanding proof of being able to preserve substances contained within it for long periods of time. Normal tap water, for instance, has been kept fresh in dark violet glasses for over 3 years without any problems and without any preservation or other techniques.

Can you share a simple thing we can all do on a daily basis to take better care of our skin?

I like to warm all my products between my fingertips to activate them and make them more pliable before use.  I add sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) twice a week to my facial cleanser to use as an exfoliator–it’s the best thing!  Your skin will feel like a bebe’s behind, and it will tighten pores and control oil!  Try it in the shower and leave it on for a few minutes; even if you have soft, supple skin, you will be amazed.

Thank You, Shawnelle!

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