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Heathermary Jackson is an internationally acclaimed fashion stylist and editor who has worked for numerous fashion labels and magazines.   Amongst them, The Face Magazine, America Magazine, Teen Vogue, Marfa Journal, and ELLE Australia.   
Stella Jones:  Do you remember how you met Araks, and what is your first memory of her?
Heather Mary Jackson:  I remember thinking at our first meeting that Araks was small and had hair similar to mine and she dressed kinda boyish.  I liked her laugh.

SJ:  Can you tell us about your upbringing and childhood?
HMJ:  I grew up in Auckland New Zealand, and I am youngest of seven kids. In some ways that was good, but in other ways not that great.  My sister and I did not get along even though she was closest in age to me; five years.  I always wanted to be older when I was a kid.  Now, I'm not that into it.

SJ:  Where did you grow up?  What were you into as an adolescent? What has led you to where you are today?
HMJ:  I studied musical theatre in London when I was twenty and ended up working part-time as a door person for a restaurant.  That led me to an internship at a fashion PR company, so I was on the opposite side of where I ended up.  After two months at Club 21 they offered me a job, but I declined as I wanted to assist a stylist.

SJ:  What are you up to now?
HMJ:  I was just a guest curator for Fat magazine.  It was a great experience shooting with Cass Bird, James Robjant, Alessio Boni and Janneke Van der Hagen.  I am very happy with it, and it was a lot of fun.  Currently I am working on curating the next issue of Puss Puss Magazine.  It's an awesome magazine.  It has a 'cat' theme; love!!  I am a cat lady, always.

SJ:  When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
HMJ:  I wanted to be in Les Miserable on Broadway.

SJ:  What’s your favorite thing about being a stylist?
HMJ:  I love it when you get to work with people that inspire you.  I like to work, and I like it to be fun, relaxed, and fast moving when I do.  This is not always possible.

SJ:  What is your favorite kind of job – studio vs. location / styling men or women?
HMJ:  It really all depends on the team.  Sometimes it all just fits, and everyone has a great time while working super hard.

SJ:  Is there a particular time period in fashion or a sub culture that you feel a special kinship with stylistically?
HMJ: I love the seventies, always have; great music and style.  And then there is the nineties.   The mid-nineties, I think, may be my favorite time in fashion.

SJ:  Can you tell us some of your muses through the years?
HMJ:  I've had my favorite girls over the years; Lindsey Wixson and Natalia Vodianova.  I shot Natalia for The Face in the late nineties just after she had her first baby.  Also, obviously Kate - she is a big influence on all women and men.  I shot Kate Moss and Liberty Ross for my first cover.  It was for Face Magazine and was also my first issue as a fashion director.  That was in 2001 or 2002.

SJ:  Do you have any favorite style combinations?
HMJ:  I love navy and black together.   I love boyish style and mixing a Victorian cream and lace top with a favorite pair of jeans, great shoes, and a bag.   That's it, done.  For Summer, some tailored oversized Junya Wantanabe pants, or shorts and a boys white cotton victorian tux shirt.  Leave it open in the back and pair with white leather flats by The Row.  So perfect.   I like a men's wear vibe.  I always have.  And a mix of old and new.  A hoodie is my favorite thing.  I have a Marc by Marc tan oversized hoodie from when he first launched it in what year?  1999?  2000?  I can't remember, but I love it.

SJ:  How do you stayed inspired?
HMJ:  I watch movies and look at lots of books.  I can also get lost on Google searching for a specific person or artist.  The street gives ideas sometimes too.  Often an awesome looking old Chinese lady with all sorts of different florals.  PJ dressing, I love it; and in Tokyo I love older mens' style.  Very cool.   

SJ:  Are theres place you go / people in your life, that inspire you?
HMJ:  People in my life, yes.  They all have their personal style.   I like it, it's refreshing. I'm in Athens Georgia now.  It's super hot, great to have so many trees.

SJ:  How does your work influence the way you see the world?
HMJ: I think it has made me more aware of how much excess and waste our industry generates.  How many hundreds of seasons are there now?  Too many to count.

SJ:  Describe your style in three words?
HMJ:  Boyish, high, low.

SJ:  Do you have a certain outfit that you love wearing, but that your partner / kids dislikes?
HMJ:  My son, William, and I have similar taste.  He did, when he was little, hate this Celine top I got in Paris.  It was the one that was a print of a bark.  William told me it made me look like a tree and he didn't want me to wear it.

SJ:  What time of the day do you feel most energetic, and what do you do in those moments?
HMJ:  Around nine in the morning I have a coffee at Grumpies.  I love the people who work there.  We read the horoscopes that they cut out of The Post.  Then, I read news stories to Lee if he is working and we make fun of Trump, or we are sad with some kind of sad and horrific news these days.

SJ:  What is the best gift you have ever given someone?
HMJ:  Probably a gift I gave to my mum and dad.  A proper coffee machine from Atomic.  My mother used to love making proper coffee with foam on top. Her words...

SJ:  What is the favorite gift you have received?
HMJ:  My necklace with charms: a heart that looks child-like and a 'W' and an 'W' charm.  William gave it to me with some help from his father.

SJ:  Can you share a favorite quotation, lyric, or line from a book or song that has stuck with you?
HMJ:  Hold me closer tiny dancer - Elton John...That's just what came to mind.

SJ:  What is something that you feel is overrated?  Underrated?
HMJ:  Pokemon-Go is overrated, and telephone calls are underrated.

SJ:  Is there anything you could recommend to us?
HMJ:  Make sure to stop and see if you are happy with everything once in a while.  I try to.

SJ:  Favorite band that you hate to admit?
HMJ:  Duran Duran

SJ:  Must have before bed?
HMJ:  Some ice cold water

SJ:  Can you tell us a joke?
HMJ:  What's brown and sticky?  A stick.

SJ:  What are your favorite Instagram accounts?
HMJ:  I love @mrgazoline @juergentellerspage @hellenvanmeene and @edtempleton.

SJ:  What is your favorite Instagram post that did not receive the love you think it deserves?
HMJ:  I have a few, but for me it is more about who likes my pictures and how many they like.  There a few people who follow me that I love their Instagrams cause I do love tons of them.  Anyway, when certain people like them I know they are good, haha.

SJ:  Go-to emoji?
HMJ:  Red heart

SJ:  Last time you took a photo on film? Or were in one?
HMJ:  William and I have been taking Polaroids.  I think a picture of William was the last I took.  I need more film though - note to self.

SJ:  What was the last picture you took on your phone
HMJ:  A picture of William in a Guns & Roses tee shirt in Athens, Georgia.

SJ:  What is something funny/ weird/ hilarious  about you?
HMJ:  I recently drove down to Georgia from New York with my friend, two cats, and a lizard.  An hour in, Batpin - one of the cats, crapped himself, and he's super fluffy.  We stopped at a gas station, I cleaned up the cat and the cat carrier, and spent the next sixteen hours driving with a twenty pound cat on my lap.  And, we had to keep the air low because of the lizard.  It was a comedy of errors but hilarious at the same time.


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