Staying Inside?
We'd like to share the movies and series we'll be watching and/or rewatching this winter break along with a podcast, if you happen to have a long road in front of you.
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A favorite amongst everyone here in the studio. A lot of you have probably seen it, but it's great a second time around too. Watch on Amazon.


My Dinner with Andre

How can two men talking over dinner be an entire movie?  The brilliance of this comedy-drama will slowly unfold as your imagination becomes a starring role. Every time we watch this movie we learn another secret about life and at the same time realize how much more there is to know. Watch on Amazon.


The Mind of a Chef

With a focus on one or two chefs per season, this heartwarming series digs deep into the histories, beliefs, and philosophies behind the cooking of each, and takes you on culinary trips around the world. Each episode makes you appreciate where your food comes from, and the importance of respecting the earth and what is has to offer.  Watch on Netflix.

Agnes Varda

Agnes Varda’s films are hard to find on streaming services, but if you are in New York City you can enjoy the retrospective of her work running at Film at Lincoln Center through January 6th.

The Souvenir

Director Joanna Hogg attended film school in London in the early 80s.   Her final graduation piece starred a then unknown Tilda Swinton, a childhood friend since they were ten.  At the time, Swinton was aware of a romantic relationship that Hogg was having–one that she would later write about and turn into the script for The Souvenir. The character of Joanna ,“Julie” in the film is played by Honor Swinton Byrne, and Byrne’s real-life mother, Tilda Swinton, plays Julie’s mother.   All the projects that Julie makes in the film are based on actual projects that the director made while attending school.  Julie’s apartment is a meticulous reconstruction of Hogg’s former apartment and the skyline visible through the windows is actually back projections of Hogg’s old 35mm photography.  Byrne was not given a script, but rather Hogg’s diaries from that time along with notes, photographs, old scripts, and films she wrote while at school.  With these materials, she improvised every scene.
Watch on Amazon.



This wacky S&M romantic comedy was one of our first Maggie Gyllenhaal movies and it is still one of our favorites. Watch on Amazon.

The Beach Bum

Not anywhere near your average day at the beach. Watch on Amazon.

Last Seen

On the road? Enjoy this true-crime podcast about the most valuable and confounding art heist in history. Listen.

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Meet fashion illustrator and print designer, Helen Bullock

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Creative director, Araks Yeramyan, talks all things color.

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