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Dry Brushing


I wanted to share one of the easy things that I do to take care of myself. I found out about dry brushing years ago, but never tried it until I went to get a thermogram (much kinder to the body than mammogram). My doctor recommended that I get regular lymphatic drainage massages, but also that I start dry brushing as a daily practice. I occasionally dry brush my kids too, but with a softer brush. They love it. ~ Araks Yeramyan

The Benefit of Dry Brushing 

~ Assists your lymph system to detox naturally by helping to stimulate the normal lymph flow with the body

~ Exfoliation. Brushing your body helps to loosen and remove dead skin cells improving you skins appearance, softening, and allowing it to breathe.

~ Give yourself an energy boost. The theory is that brushing your skin increases circulation and therefore give you some energy.

~ Improve Digestion. Massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water which will decrease bloating

~ Increase Circulation therefore encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste.
Reduce Stress. Dry brushing is meditative. It helps calm the mind and reduce muscle tension



    ~ Get a different brush with softer bristles for more sensitive skin areas like your face, and a brush with a longer arm for harder to reach places like your back. Always choose a brush with bristles made from natural fibers.

    ~ A lot of people recommend brushing in the morning instead of the evening because of the energy boost.

    ~ Don't press too hard or use a brush that has hard bristles. Your skin shouldn't be red afterwards.
    Just three to five minutes and you'll receive all the benefits.