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"Diana Vreeland is a fashion icon, and someone I looked up to as a young designer.  It was her advice column " Why Don't you" that she wrote for Harpers Bazaar, that especially spoke to me.  It was outrageous and stylish.  In honor of her, we have created our own version through the Araks lens." ~ Araks Yeramyan


Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


~ Use your shirt sleeve to blot excess lipstick, creating a wearable Warholian artwork over time.

~ Get out of bed tomorrow on your tiptoes, carrying out your morning routine this way.  Your posture and balance will improve tremendously.

~ Keep a container of blowing bubbles in your shower.  Use them often.

~ Text your significant other using only haikus for a full day.

~ Wear your sweatshirt inside out.  The fleece will feel wonderful when crossing your arms.

~ Buy two of the same silk scarf, attach one to your luggage and one to your pocket bag while traveling cross continentally.

~ Get to your office five minutes before anyone else and dance with feeling to an upbeat song.

~ Give each of your children half a crusty baguette, allowing them to feed ducks and pigeons as they please.

~ Cut your morning toast into four equal parts and spread a different type of tropical fruit preserve atop each

~ Disassemble a fragrant bouquet, place each flower in a separate vase, then group the individual vases together again as a modern centerpiece.


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