Why Don't You..
Summer Edition


Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


~ On rainy days, sport your favorite Araks swimsuit indoors while painting or drawing in hues of the same color-blocked palette you have on.


~ Blot your favorite summery lipsticks shades on a cream-colored silk scarf and wear as a hair tie to seal your outfit with a kiss.


~ Next time you get a meal to go, enjoy your food outdoors while listening to a podcast on your dish's country of origin. The Silk Road for example is a fascinating topic to discover, especially while enjoying chow fun.


~ Choreograph a simple synchronized swimming routine with your significant other to be rehearsed with each beach trip.


~ Bring your children to a quiet concrete court for their next homework session, giving them brightly colored chalk instead of laptops or paper to write out their arithmetic equations on the pavement.


~ Host a weekend gathering of friends, instructing everyone to bring along a single application of their favorite face mask. Swap masks at random and spend the afternoon comparing benefits and effects over mimosas and crudité.


~ Have each of your family members pick out a unique leash for your family dog.  Attach all of them to his collar and walk him together in stride.


~ Write down the first word that comes to mind upon waking, each day for the entire month. String them together in poetic form, collecting new stanzas throughout the year.


~ Go pick wild strawberries or blueberries, using a needle and thread to string them into a vibrant edible necklace to be eaten immediately (after rinsing).


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