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Marius Fabre Traditional Laundry Bar

soap in box soap cube
soap in box soap cube

Marius Fabre Traditional Laundry Bar


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Since 1900, Marius Fabre soap factory has been perpetuating the Marseille soap tradition in Salon-de-Provence, France. This cube of white Marseille soap is created with vegetable oils, is free from artificial colorings, fragrances, and chemical products, and is recommended to gently wash all textiles, particularly delicate items. It is also very efficient on resistant stains. 

Sustainability Features:
Based exclusively on vegetable oils.
Minimal packaging
Phosphate-free, so it will not pollute rivers

Instructions for use:
For stubborn stains: rub the cube of soap on the stain before washing. Ideal for greasy stains, stubborn stains, and shirt collars.

For hand-washing: Wet the clothes. Wash them with the Marseille soap. Make a foam. Rinse in clean water.   

Gentle enough to be used for face and body cleansing.

Weight: 7.1 oz

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