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Introducing Btween Spaces
Discover a brand creating uniquely designed objects for daily life, now available at and in our Soho store.

BTWEEN SPACES is a brand founded by Eunjoo Lee and DK Park: an interior designer and architect couple based in Brooklyn, New York.


Meet the founders of Btween Spaces, Eunjoo Lee and DK Park, a dynamic Brooklyn-based couple with backgrounds in interior design and architecture. Driven by a desire to elevate everyday living, they launched Btween Spaces to offer an approachable range of unique home objects and vintage finds. The duo takes a hands-on approach, designing each piece initially for their own home and crafting prototypes in their Brooklyn studio. Quality is paramount; from design conception to the manufacturing process, they use only the finest raw materials to create pieces that will enhance your living space. The end result is a collection of items that are not just functional, but also artfully designed to enrich your home environment.


We are delighted to feature Btween Spaces' uniquely designed objects in our newly opened Color Shop—a special space where we curate and share items from brands we love, and that we believe make exceptional gifts.  The pieces you’ll find here are a reflection of everything we hold dear from our deep-rooted love for color and craftsmanship to our passion for self-care and the art of slow living.

Can you share a little bit about your backgrounds as designers?

Eunjoo: I majored in interior design, and DK studied architecture. Both of us were born and raised in South Korea, and we came to New York to study at Pratt Institute. That’s where we met!


What inspired you to start Btween Spaces, and how would you define its style?

While in the professional design field after school, we weren’t entirely satisfied with the fact that our designs and talents only served a very small number of people. We launched Btween Spaces(BS) as a side project with the desire to reach out to a wider audience with unique, easily accessible, and fun everyday life objects – whether we design and make them ourselves or find them.

We believe that doing Btween Spaces work while still working on architecture/ interior design gives us a nice and healthy balance. 


How did you get started with candle-making and what is your process like?


Eunjoo: When I was growing up in Korea, there wasn’t much of a candle culture. You only lit it on your birthday cake. However, after coming to the US, I fell in love with them and the simple pleasure that candles bring to everyday life, and wanted to make my own. There’s something magical about having the right candle and lighting up at the right moment.

I believe candle making itself is a straightforward process – melting wax, pouring it into molds or containers, and adding color and fragrance as desired. However, achieving consistency is a true skill that requires a lot of experimentation, practice, and experience. Additionally, we make our own molds!

Multi colored candles shaped like carrots from Btween Spaces



Your candles are handmade and paraffin-free with the scent of natural beeswax honey. Why are these elements important to you?

Thank you for asking this! All of BS’s work is initially designed for our personal use in our own space. These designs are then prototyped and manufactured by us in our Brooklyn studio. Therefore, the quality of raw materials and ingredients is very important from the beginning. We only sell what we use every day and love to share!



You also sell an assortment of vintage furniture, lighting and housewares on your website. Can you share with us about the selection?

We love all types of vintages, and as designers, we were particularly interested in iconic designer furniture and objects like an Eames chair, for example. However, we couldn’t afford new and that’s how we began hunting for and then collecting these vintage pieces, eventually deciding to trade and sell too because we couldn’t keep them all.

We call this journey of finding pieces the “vintage road”, which we often drive on weekends to discover new additions.

 A vintage chair curated by Btween Spaces


Who or what inspires your designs?

It is so difficult because there are so many. 

At the moment, I am in love with Georgia O’Keeffe because I visited her house in Santa Fe New Mexico just a few days ago!

Lina Bo Bardi’s drawings are so beautiful too.


Can you share a current ritual you enjoy practicing?

Eunjoo: Morning walk with coffee

DK: Running


What is something you've loved for a long time?

Eunjoo: Potato

DK: Hats


What is a favorite gift you have received? 

Eunjoo: I want to say that the Tetris game console my aunt gave me when I was about six or seven years old. I remember I was extremely happy, since then playing Tetris is still one of my ways of personal meditation.

DK: I think my Danner boots that Eunjoo gave me for our first Christmas 13 years ago are my favorite pair of boots.


What is the best gift you have ever given someone?

Eunjoo: It sounds like the Danner boots. lol

DK: I don’t recall…


What are you currently....


Ha! We wouldn't usually say this, but at the moment, we want to say a brand new car because our 23-year-old car recently gave us some trouble and we are in the process of sorting it out.


Eunjoo: Kim Oki

DK: Olivia Dean


Eunjoo: Human Acts by Han Kang

DK: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami


Vacation because we have not had one yet this year.


Thank you, Eunjoo and DK!




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