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Reincarnate Your Closet

Give your once-loved clothes a new life

Fill the bag with your unwanted stuff (washed, please). Send it back (on us!) using the prepaid shipping label included in your bag. Once we receive your bag, you receive your $30 Araks gift card. Rest easy knowing your once-loved goods will have a new life.

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In an effort to simplify the ease and process of textile recycling, we’ve partnered with Helpsy to salvage your unwanted goods.

While recycling is the most commonly used term, reuse is the most sustainable option, which is why we strive to revitalize your textiles as much as we can. If they are unable to be reused in their intended form, they will then be downcycled and turned into wiping rags, insulation, or padding, depending on their fabric composition.

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Why is textile reuse and recycling important?

Over 12 million tons of different textiles end up in landfills each year. This massive negative environmental impact is due in large part to garments being discarded rather than being reused or repurposed. We understand that textile recycling can feel a bit daunting– or complicated– which is why we’re working to advocate for prolonging clothing life-cycles and promoting textile recycling and reuse.

Just as you recycle your cans and bottles, recycling your textiles is equally as important in an effort to reduce waste, divert garments from landfills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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