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Looking after ourselves, our workspaces and the planet is a way of life—and we do it imperfectly. We walk or take the subway whenever possible but sometimes do jump in a cab if we have too much to carry.

We design and construct garments meant to last—pieces to be loved and worn until they, well, simply, can’t go on anymore.

Woman in yellow bikini, standing in nature, under the sun

Many of our swimsuits are made from ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon fiber made from fishing nets, plastic and other consumer waste. In February 2020 we debuted the first pieces of our organic cotton lingerie. Moving forward all pieces made in this collection will be cut from GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.

We save every color swatch to avoid having to request new ones from our suppliers season after season. Stored by the hundreds in binders and jars in our studio, searching for the perfect shade throughout the design process can be time consuming, but worth the smaller footprint.

Read Araks’ care tips for ways to make your garments last longer and ways to reduce your carbon footprint. For a deep dive on all our sustainability practices have a look here.

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