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Fun With Araks
Fish aquarium with a yellow rubber fish in a red and pink bra and underwear.

"Maybe not the best things to wear while swimming, but certainly not the worst."


A cat in a teepee and arrows with a blue bra and underwear hanging from them.

 "That awkward moment when you realize your cat might have it out for you…even though you got her a cat tipi!"


A pink unicorn in the woods with a orange bra and underwear hanging from it.

"Apparently even unicorns party so hard that they wake up in the morning, hungover with no idea what happened last night." 


A cactus in a desert with a black and white bra hanging from it.

"Modest cacti heart Araks."

Love the photo series TENOVERSIX did with Araks lingerie - inspired by our own lingerie lookbook collaborations. You can see the whole story on their blog here. 

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