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Daphne Javitch

Meet the lifestyle coach and founder of Doing Well, a nutritional and lifestyle guide.

Daphne Javitch

Daphne Javitch was a natural fit for Lingerie on Film. For the latest edition she stepped behind the lens to create some of our favorite images. She is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of Doing Well, a nutritional and lifestyle guide.  

"I met her five years ago at a party I was hosting for the 2012 edition of Lingerie on Film when Michelle Williams brought her as a guest.  Daphne had modeled for Michelle in the book. We discovered we shared many things in common, especially our interests in holistic healing.  I love hearing her share about the path that she is on and what she is up to.  I always receive good advice from her also.  She is an inspiring woman, one that I truly admire." ~ Araks Yeramyan 

What was it that compelled you to participate in this project?
I've been an Araks fan since the Sonja panty was featured in the opening of Lost in Translation!  So, for the Araks Autumn 2012 lookbook, the photos Michelle Williams took of me were an indirect homage to that scene at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. I love the line and Araks' creative approach to capturing it.

Woman in a white pajama shirt and shorts sitting on a chair with the camera flash blocking her face.Woman wearing blue and white polka dot pajamas in a bedroom.Photo of Daphne Javitch by Michelle Williams

What are you up to now?

I'm a holistic nutritionist. 


We love the @Doingwell Instagram - Can you tell us about Doing Well?

Thank you! Doing Well is a wellness platform and my vision of health. The website is where people can learn a bit about my own story of getting healthy and get in touch with me if they are interested in private coaching. The Instagram account @doingwell is where I post daily tips and tricks about wellness in a beautiful, straightforward and DOABLE way. The Doing Well Podcast is in the works.


What do you hope to achieve?

My goal is to inspire and encourage people in doing well.


How / Why did you transition from fashion to wellness?

When an ovarian cyst burst in 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis. I chose to explore a holistic approach—a rigorous and consistent healing lifestyle—before rushing into surgery like the doctors suggested. Within six months, symptoms that I had struggled with since I was thirteen were in remission. I started spending all my free time studying and practicing alternative healing, and eventually it made sense to follow my passion professionally.


What kind of study did you do to become a holistic nutritionist?

I studied independently in New York for two years before getting certified as a Health Educator by the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.


Have you had any amazing teachers or coaches that helped you get to where you are today?  Can you tell us about them?

Yes! Mary Ruth Ghiyam and Gil Jacobs are my master teachers, mentors and dear friends. Mary Ruth is a nutritionist who developed an incredible line of top-quality products called Mary Ruth Organics. Gil Jacobs is the "godfather of colonics," and has mentored basically everyone in the world of health and healing. 

Photos of women in front of lockers. One wearing a grey sweatshirt and black underwear, the other bent over with a blue bra.
 Photos by Daphne Javitch


As October is breast cancer awareness month, do you have any suggestions for taking care of ourselves in this regard?

One of the most powerful and healing protocols women can adopt is moderating negative self-talk. Our cells know what we're thinking, so it is important to quiet our inner gremlins and nurture friendliness towards ourselves.


Can you tell us some great ways to start the day?

A tall glass of water and a dry skin brush. 


What kind of water should we be drinking?  Is there a water filter you recommend?

The most important thing when it comes to water is to drink it! I recommend two to three liters of water per day. Drink it how you like it: warm, cold, with lemon or plain. Hydration is the priority. Second, avoid drinking directly from plastic bottles whenever possible. Plastic is an endocrine disrupter. And third, filtered water is ideal. For a pitcher filter, I recommend the Zero Water Filter.  My favorite stand-alone filter is the WALTER filter, and it is beautiful too!  If you install a filter, look for a reverse osmosis system with the least amount of wastewater.


Do you have any simple daily practices that have had a large impact on your well-being?

I get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly and drink two to three liters of water daily. Game changers.


Do you have any health tips for the upcoming winter season?

Stay active, hydrated and engaged. Easier said than done when it is bitter cold outside! 


Do you have any beauty products and routines that you recommend?

Sleep, water, movement and human connection are all a part of my beauty routine. I also love a Joanna Vargas facial, dry skin brushing and slathering organic almond oil all over me after I shower.


What is your fitness regimen?  Which kinds of exercise do you like or recommend?

I love Ballet Beautiful because it is challenging but gentle on the nervous system. It is perfect for me while I am pregnant, too.  I try to go three times a week.  I also take Pilates once a week to maintain length and space while I am sharing my body with another human. I love running and yoga, but have done less of that lately. I think exercise is crucial, and I recommend moving your body for a minimum of thirty minutes a day.


Can you share your favorite healthy snack recipe?

I prefer meals to snacks, but for some quick sustenance I cut an avocado in half, squeeze some lemon on it, add a pinch of sea salt and eat it with a spoon. I also love a plate of chopped veggies—cucumber, radish, bell pepper, fennel—with lime and sea salt as a refreshing pick-me-up.

Woman in a white pajama shirt and shorts on a window sill.Woman in a pink tank and pajama shorts wearing a towel around her head in a bathroom.

Photo by Michelle Williams of Daphne Javitch


Can you tell us who some of your favorite muses have been throughout the years?

It’s been a revolving door of intelligent, playful, and straightforward women.  I'm very into Terry Gross right now. I just love her.


What is something you have loved for a long time?

My husband Pali. But not long enough.


What is something you would love to learn?

Brazilian Portuguese. Pali is from Rio.


Can you share a favorite quotation, lyric, or line from a book or song that has stuck with you?

"Compatibility is an achievement of love, it shouldn't be its precondition" - Alain de Botton


What is your favorite Instagram account?

and @simplicitycity


Are there any podcasts that you recommend?

Fresh Air
, The Daily, The Rich Roll Podcast, On Being, Tara Brach and the Doing Well Podcast (coming soon).  I love podcasts!


Will you share with us the last photo you took on your phone?

Getting ready for baby.

A black, white and beige baby sweater laid on a bed.

Beauty is___________.



What are you currently….

I really want to meet my baby! 


Seinfeld, it is my bedtime story.


All those podcasts.


Mostly waking up to pee...

Thank you, Daphne!

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Visit her website, Doing Well

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Creator of the once beloved retailer Anaise, and now HÉLÈNE,...

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