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Keep Creative, Think Positive, Stay Safe, Grow

 Keep Creative, Think Positive, Stay Safe, Grow 





Always wanted to make homemade pasta?
Learn from the best ~ @pastagrannies




Older woman laughing with a plate of pasta.



Woman in pink lingerie dancing  

Would You Like to Dance?

Enjoy our very first Spotify playlist composed of the songs we've been dancing around our houses to. Dancing has helped us feel to feel better and it has kept our spirits up. We hope it can do the same for you.






Make something delicious with Laila Gohar.

The designer of dreamy unique eating experiences and a Lingerie On Film contributor shares simple, loose recipes for creating wholesome foods like beans, potatoes, and polenta cake. All on her Instagram.



Polenta cake with a piece missing.




Poem by Coach Bennett text with a sunset background



Getaway with @CoachBennet


"I haven't seriously run since college. But lately, I've felt the need to run away from this place, this house, this city, this life. In response to this feeling, I've started running, just twenty minutes a day, and it has helped me deal emotionally with the amount of time being spent indoors. It feels better than a walk. I feel like I'm going somewhere, even though it's just around the block. While I don't personally use a running coach, I have heard a lot of great things about Coach Bennett, Nike's global head coach of running. I just thought I'd pass it along for anyone else who needs to get away and would like a little help getting started." 

~ Araks Yeramyan





An article by Rebecca Solnit


'The Impossible Has Already Happened: What Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Hope.'


Although staying put is hard, maybe we will be reluctant to resume our rushing about, and something of the stillness now upon us will stay with us. We may rethink the wisdom of having much of our most vital stuff – medicine, medical equipment – made on other continents. We may also rethink the precarious just-in-time supply chains. I have often thought that the wave of privatization that has characterized our neoliberal age began with the privatization of the human heart, the withdrawal from a sense of a shared fate, and social bonds. It is to be hoped that this shared experience of catastrophe will reverse the process. A new awareness of how each of us belongs to the whole and depends on it may strengthen the case for meaningful climate action, as we learn that sudden and profound change is possible after all.


Continue reading here.






Stay Home, Take Care is a social distancing care package curated to help you stay in and take care of yourself and others.  Included are a variety of ideas and recommendations for activities based on what you are wanting (e.g. I want to feel comforted, I want to help others, I want to entertain my kids). And, it's updated daily.


Stay Home Take Care lettering with flowers and stars





Bread dough twisted laying by the window.  


Need a news break?

 our profile on Lexie Smith, artist and baker, and creator of Bread On Earth - A site that houses work exploring bread's potential as a social, political, economic, and ecological barometer. There's a fun recipe to try too!






Two women in black lingerie laying down head to head.



Learn To Meditate

Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and sleep better. Sounds good to us. We've been learning how to get zen with Headspace, a meditation app.





Keep Moving with Alex Auder, performance artist and our favorite unconventional yoga instructor. 


Woman doing the yoga tree pose against a wall.


The photographer and long time friend of the brand has just published her first monograph, In Between. Now available online and in our soho store.
The photographer and long time friend of the brand has...

The interdisciplinary artist is making her art more accessible through intentionally created, small-batch towels.
The interdisciplinary artist is making her art more accessible through...

October has us getting ready for luxe pajamas, the art of layering, hot toddies and the best reading weather. Discover the titles on our list.
October has us getting ready for luxe pajamas, the art...


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