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Woman in a orange bra and underwear taking a photo at the camera.

Reese Blutstein

The Atlanta based style star talks about her distinct personal style that inspires over 270K followers on Instagram.

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Bottom shot of a woman in pink underwear standing over a mirror.

Georgia Hilmer

The model and photographer talks about staying true to her passions, her unabashed bookishness and her love of taking photographs.

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Woman in purple bra holding floral arrangement.

Brittany Asch

Meet a true pioneer in the field of floral design as she talks with us about her otherworldly creations.

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Black and white photo of Nathalie Agussol in sunglasses and a T shirt.

Nathalie Agussol

The stylist, editor and designer talks about her all-encompassing work and her newest endeavor, the publication Pan & The Dream.

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Woman in black underwear and a bra with blue gloves against a wooden wall.

Lexie Smith

Meet the artist and baker creating edible installations and unique sculptures out of bread.

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Pile of jewelry

Sonia Boyajian

Enjoy our conversation with our favorite jewelry designer!

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A pink bra laid on a black dog

Olivia Kim

The fashion veteran and Vice President of Creative Projects at Nordstrom shares about her life long passion for retail, scouting brands and staying relevant.

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Black and white photo of a woman drinking from a glass in a kitchen.

Daphne Javitch

Meet the lifestyle coach and founder of Doing Well, a nutritional and lifestyle guide.

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Woman in black underwear and bra surrounded by green plants.

Lingerie On Film 2017

Discover The Edition

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