Why Don't You...
Our Thanksgiving Edition features ideas like dressing to match your meal, and a way for everyone to get their wish.


Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


~ Dress in the palette of your Thanksgiving feast, pairing your Quela bodysuit with a sage green beret.


~ Research and share harvest festival traditions from different cultures to pass the time while on the road to your extended family’s dinner.


~ Focus on salads for your side dishes this year. Mushrooms are wonderful when unstuck from all that stuffing.


~ Purchase enough extra wishbones with your turkey for each of your guests, ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to have a wish come true.


~ Host an educational potluck dinner this year, inviting friends from foreign countries to bring their own ethnic dishes to the table. Mix and match, inventing new ideas for hybridized dishes over dinner conversation.


~ Instead of a holiday potluck at the office this year, invite your coworkers to bring their Thanksgiving leftovers to work the following Monday. Those who finished everything over the weekend may contribute their favorite locally baked bread to make mix-and-match turkey sandwiches.


~ Turn your Thanksgiving dessert course into a bake-off, inviting each guest to prepare a favorite pie recipe with the winner receiving first choice of leftovers to take home.


~ Using construction paper, markers, glitter and glue; have your children craft customized menus for each of your guests to take home, keep them creatively occupied while you cook.


~ Wear an updo to dinner this year, braiding your hair into the shape of a cornucopia, completed with small, fruit-shaped barrettes.


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