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I was looking at the web store of one of our UK stockist, Couverture & The Garbstore, 
and I immediately spotted this necklace by Lizzie Fortunato. It's not something I would 
automatically wear, but I am drawn to it. I like finding things that I don't know what to 
do with and seeing how I can make them fit into my style.
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I love these records.. made of glass. They were the first recordings from the Volta 
Laboratory of sounds.  I love how although the recordings are of simple tests, they 
are executed  beautifully. I am sure I would hate how they sound.  
This one is the sound of the word "barometer" repeated several times. 
Recorded November 1884
Mary had a little lamb - recorded March 1885
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Empty Spot, 2008
Don't you want to park there? 
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Looking for inspiration.. Yesterday we walked around Chelsea, in and out of a few 

galleries. My favorite was Kim Dong Yoo's exhibit at the Hasted Hunt Kraeutler Art 
Gallery. Love the relationship between the two people... Maryiln all over JFK. Princess 
Diana all over the Queen. I didn't know what the connection was between Einstein & 
Marylin so I googled it. It's crazy, they look one in the same.  If I were to pick any of 
these to hang in my house, I'd pick the Van Gogh because I don't think I'd like 
paintings of people.
Thumbnail image for KimDongYoo.JFK.jpg
John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe, 2010
Queen Elizabeth II & Diana, 2012
Albert Einstein & Marilyn Monroe, 2010
Thumbnail image for KimDongYoo.VanGough.jpg
Sunflowers & Van Gogh, 2010
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Visionaire 1991
MUMMERSHANZ By Araks on 2012-03-22 07:04:28 -0400 | Share on FACEBOOK

Ok, this whole thing is a bit odd... I kept watching it to figure out what was going on.
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Martin Margiela studio 2009. I love to see how other designers organize their space 
and how it stays consistent with the brand.  
ALED LEWIS | TOY STORIES By Araks on 2012-03-20 13:45:06 -0400 | Share on FACEBOOK


These make me laugh...
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It's a nostalgia double whammy... Minimalism at its best. Makes me want to go home 
and dive into my boys' Lego bins. The new Lego campaign "Imagine" designed by 
Jung Von Matt
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Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tan collaborated to make this charming stop motion 
animation short. I love how they created this concept; already a rich one in Olympia's 
book cover inspired bags.
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Theodore W. Addell
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Personal Correspondences from Charles Schulz @ Space 1026
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I went to the Armory Show in New York on Sunday. I liked this year better then last... 
Though I didn't make it through the whole show. I also went to see Cindy Sherman at 
the Moma earlier that day. Too much art to process. These are some of my favorites.


Tommy Høvik -  On the bottom it says "WTF happened to love letters?  

Munean-Rosenblum 2009
Under her  "What she felt was a lighthearted sort of compassion, a swish of tender 
hilarity, getting the better of all her sores and hallows." 
Under him "He did not know what to do next,  even supposing there was a next thing 
and, if there was, that he should do it."
Gideon Rubin
Kader Attia 
Mirrors, 2012
Shirana Shahbazi
Marine Hugonnier 
Art for Modern Architecture GViet Gaurdian End of Vietnam War, 2011
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...and the Portland Symphony Orchestra, 1980
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I kind of love these chairs.  They remind me of Eames.  Even the color palette.
A PAIR By Araks on 2012-03-06 12:43:04 -0500 | Share on FACEBOOK


Ingrid Hulskamp
HARLEQUIN By Shirley Chien on 2012-03-05 06:44:20 -0500 | Share on FACEBOOK


I love all classic patterns.. Dots, stripes, herringbone, chevron... This is a nice
GEMS By Araks on 2012-03-01 04:51:10 -0500 | Share on FACEBOOK


SEYDOU KETIA By Araks on 2012-02-29 11:18:01 -0500 | Share on FACEBOOK


Inspiration of Autumn 2012 came from the way  women and men of Mali dressed in the 1950's-60's, captured by Seydou Ketia and Malik Sidibe.
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My name is Araks.
This is a running diary of my inspirations.

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