Araks Yeramyan

If beauty starts from within, from the inside, out – so the saying goes – then Araks is the sartorial metaphor of the adage. The lingerie line was launched by Araks Yeramyan with the simple brief to make women feel beautiful, beginning with the most intimate of layers, nothing else comes closer next to skin: it’s the very first thing a woman slips on in the morning, and the last to come off at night.

Born out of a love for art, design and colour, Araks is for the modern intelligent woman who has an eye and appreciation for the finer details but is understated in her approach to style, preferring to follow her own instincts rather than the diktats of everyone else around her, hers is a confidence that shines through. From Araks’ devotees, Sofia Coppola, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams, to the quietly beautiful woman spotted on the street this morning – wasn’t there just something about the way she tossed her coat over her shoulder as she hailed a cab – the Araks woman is achingly chic and forever cool.

This sense of ease and effortless style rings through the Araks collections, which are designed and produced in New York with the finest Italian fabrics. The line-up comprises an arresting interplay of barely-there sheer layers spliced with interludes of unexpected colour and textures; Araks is a curation of delicate pieces, so dreamy it’s like wearing nothing at all.

Araks Yeramyan, a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York and a former student of Central Saint Martins School in London has an innate understanding of design, painting, photography and silk screening – a unique skill set she applies to every collection. After graduating with a degree in fashion design and completing an internship at Marc Jacobs, she joined the design team at J.Crew before launching her eponymous lingerie collection in 2000, followed by swimwear in 2013. Araks lives in New York City and takes inspiration from the vibrant, pulsating beauty that surrounds her.



Relaunched for Resort 2014, Araks Swim is inspired by the same aesthetic and attention to color and fit that defines her lingerie collection. With it’s bold color palatte and streamlined silhouettes, the collection reflects the same concept of effortless beauty upon which all of her work is based.

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Launched in 2000, based on the principle of effortless beauty, Araks’ lingerie creates a holistic experience of beauty and confidence starting with the most intimate and personal layer.  The collection is characterized by a focus on color and rigorous attention to detail with the goal of creating comfortable, everyday luxury cotton underwear for women.

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