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From her earliest memories, Araks Yeramyan remembers three colors – red, yellow, and blue – a trio of colored pencils given to her by her father. Every medium she worked with was restricted to this palette until the age of ten...that was the beginning of her love of color.

Inspired by all elements of art and design, Araks creates her collections with one purpose in mind: to make women feel beautiful. Her genuine love of color and texture can be seen in both her Ready-to-Wear and lingerie collections, where each piece evokes the discovery of the unexpected through intimate details and ethereal lightness. Araks' collections redefine the classics with a masculine play on femininity and a refined ease.

Araks studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, and supplemented her education at the Central Saint Martins School in London. It was here that she developed her skills in all areas of visual art, including design, painting, photography and silk screening. While interning at Marc Jacobs during her schooling, Araks began to discover the beauty and refinement that design entails and subtle detail became one of her creative obsessions. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, Araks joined the design team at J.Crew.

In 2000, Araks branched out on her own and launched the Araks Lingerie Collection. Now a favorite of Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams, Araks strives to create simple and effortless underpinnings starting with the most intimate and personal layer. In 2006, Araks showed her first ready to wear collection based on this same principle of effortless beauty. Her collection is known for its clean and pointillist construction, modern finishing, and attention to color and detail.

In 2010, Araks introduced her first photo book collaboration for her lingerie collection – a curation of images of friends and visionaries handpicked by the designer each season to display the lingerie in their own interpretation and photograph with a disposable camera. After three editions, contributors have included Richard Chai, Alexa Chung, Michelle Williams, and Creatures of the Wind. Araks resides in New York City and is inspired daily by the simple objects of beauty around her.

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