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From her earliest memories, Araks Yeramyan remembers three colors – red, yellow, and blue – a trio of colored pencils given to her by her father. Every medium she worked with was restricted to this palette until the age of ten - this was the beginning of her love of color and her understanding of how to make the world a more beautiful place.

Araks’ love for color and design led her to attend the Parsons School of Design in New York, where she studied everything from design and painting to photography and silk screening. After graduating with a degree in fashion design and spending time working in the industry, she launched her eponymous lingerie collection in 2000, followed by swimwear in 2013.



Araks is a sustainable swim and lingerie brand born out of the simple intention to make women feel beautiful beginning with the most intimate of layers. Creating environmentally conscious pieces that last season after season, founder Araks Yeramyan infuses her love of art and color thoughtfully into each one, while keeping the Araks woman in mind -- A woman who puts as much care into the world around her as she does herself. She has an appreciation for fine detail and exudes an effortless approach to style.

Araks’ genuine love of color and texture can be seen in both her lingerie and swimwear collections, where each piece evokes the discovery of the unexpected through intimate details, ethereal lightness, and color.




Our approach to design and sustainability has always been focused on balancing two things – giving the customer what she wants, but also making sure that the process of how we get there that it takes care of the environment. It’s aesthetically effortless. We want the Araks woman to know she has the best without having her feel like she had to sacrifice anything.

We proudly produce 100% of our collection in New York. Producing our collection locally not only reduces the environmental impact of our brand but also supports local, women-owned small businesses which implement fair treatment practices.

Learn more about our sustainability practices.


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