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L I N G E R I E  ON  F I L M

In Support of Planned Parenthood






We’ve joined together with Lingerie On Film contributors from the past seven years to release limited edition prints from the project, in collaboration with Planned Parenthood. The prints are available for purchase and all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


Launched in 2011, Araks' lingerie photo book series, Lingerie On Film, takes an unconventional approach to storytelling. Created annually with an unexpected mix of creatives that feels curiously, “un-curated,” the project is an embrace of beauty, imperfection, and collaboration. Each participant is asked to shoot a roll of film from a disposable camera to showcase our collection of lingerie and sleepwear. The result is always an exquisitely abstract collection of images.



Price ~ $100 ~ To purchase please contact us at or call (212) 982-5652

Your purchase of this product will result in approximately $65 going to PPFA


Prints  available by:

Alexa Chung, Ana Kras, Brittany Asch, Daphne Javitch, James Pecis, Gia Coppola, Larissa Hoffman, Leandra Medine, Lexie Smith, Olivia Kim, Lisa Spellman, Michelle Williams,  Magnus Berger, Nathalie Agussol, Samira Nasr



Alexa Chung 

Ana Kras

 Brittany Asch

Daphne Javitch 

 James Precis

 Gia Coppola

Larissa Hofmann 

Leandra Medine 

 Lexie Smith

 Olivia Kim

 Lisa Spellman

 Michelle Williams

 Magnus Berger

Nathalie Agussol 

Samira Nasr


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