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Hammam Tea by Palais Dés Thes

Hammam Tea by Palais Dés Thes Blue Tin
Hammam Tea by Palais Dés Thes Blue Tin

Hammam Tea by Palais Dés Thes


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From Palais des Thés’ Colors of Tea Collection, Indulge in the luxury of stillness with Hammam Tea. Drawing inspiration from a traditional Turkish recipe, this aromatic green tea infuses notes of green dates, orange blossoms, roses, and berries. Housed in a chic, colorful, and stackable metal tin, once you've savored the last leaves, repurpose the stylish container for storing small keepsakes or spices. Ideal as a personal indulgence or a discerning gift for those who find beauty in daily rituals and savor simple joys.

Tea ingredients

green tea (China) (94%), flavors (including strawberry 2%), flower petals (blue mallow, red rose, sunflower)

To prepare hot tea:

Steep 0.3oz in 10oz of water at 167°F for 3 minutes.

To prepare latte tea:

Steep 0.3oz in a mixture of 8oz of water at 167°F and 8oz of hot milk for 5 minutes.



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