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Why Don't You...
Need ideas for the New Year? Turn your candy into carrots, cooks something from every letter of the alphabet, and set a dress code for bunch: matching robes.
Sketch of women in colorful robes
Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


~Purchase initialed silk robes for each of your family members in their favorite color. Enforce that they be worn each Sunday for a family brunch of vegetable omelets or eggs benedict.

~ Stick to your New Years diet and curb cravings by creating a colorful family feast out of play dough with your children. Enjoy the imaginary indulgence altogether over a pot of red berry tea.  

~ Exchange phones with your friend while dining together and put each other's away in your handbags. The first person to request their phone back has to pick up the check.  

~ Wrap crisp baby carrots and radishes in jewel toned foils, selecting these bite sized treats over sugary candies each time unwanted cravings strike.

~ Improve your cooking skills by using the alphabet as a guide to create one new dish daily. Begin with Apple Brown Betty or artichoke tartlets, and end the lesson 26 days later with zucchini fritters or zabaglione.

~ Take ten deep breaths with the arrival of any workplace frustration. Invite your coworkers to join you in the practice and create a mini group meditation to share. 

~ Take brisk laps around your home transitioning into a new type of step with each rotation. (Tiptoes, lunges, skips, etc.) Continue for ten minutes or until your neighbor takes critical notice.

~ Create a festive croquembouche complete with spun sugar. The choux pastry may take a few attempts but the impressive dessert is surely worth memorizing.

~ Ask one of your coworkers what their favorite hobby is and exchange lessons on preferred pastimes. You can learn how to crochet a wine cozy while explaining the tasting notes of cabernet.


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