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Why Don't You..
Introducing Unexpected Ideas for Daily Life, from Araks
Sketch of a button down shirt.

Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


 ~ Use your shirt sleeve to blot excess lipstick, creating a wearable Warholian artwork over time.

~ Get out of bed tomorrow on your tiptoes, carrying out your morning routine this way. Your posture and balance will improve tremendously.

~ Keep a container of blowing bubbles in your shower. Use them often.

~ Text your significant other using only haikus for a full day.

~ Wear your sweatshirt inside out. The fleece will feel wonderful when crossing your arms.

~ Buy two of the same silk scarf, attach one to your luggage and one to your pocket bag while traveling cross continentally.

~ Get to your office five minutes before anyone else and dance with feeling to an upbeat song.

~ Give each of your children half a crusty baguette, allowing them to feed ducks and pigeons as they please.

~ Cut your morning toast into four equal parts and spread a different type of tropical fruit preserve atop each.

~ Disassemble a fragrant bouquet, place each flower in a separate vase, then group the individual vases together again as a modern centerpiece.


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