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Why Don't You..
Unexpected Ideas for Daily Life, from Araks
Sketch of a woman in pink clothing
Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz

~ Wear a mini skirt in wool or corduroy over your Oona slip, letting just a bit peek out below for a doubly layered fall look.

~ Collect a range of lipstick shades from copper to caramel, altering your shade each day in echo of the changing leaves.


~ Carry a petite perfume bottle containing a blend of echinacea and peppermint oils with you at all times. Just a dab behind each ear will boost your immunity while keeping you refreshingly alert throughout the day.

~ Replace your handheld weights with seasonal gourds. You can explore new, heftier varieties as your muscle strength increases.

~ Prepare a more notable cheese plate by slicing your cheddar into rhombi instead of traditional cubes. You can cut your gouda into trapezoids as well for further geometric flair.

~ Collect Egyptian cotton pillowcases in a variety of unexpected colors. Decorate your bedscape with one of each shade to ensure your sleep stays bright and dreamy.

~ Sketch a portrait of the author of the book you’re currently reading on a small, rectangular sheet of paper.  Use this as a working bookmark, on which you can add favorite quotes as you go along.

~ Have your significant other write a list of ten possible outings on pieces of paper while you do the same. Do not look at your partner’s ideas. Place all papers in an opaque jar, and pick one out at random each date night, to execute together.

~ Replace your common plastic bottle with a small crystal decanter or highball glass for water storage at work. You can refill at the water cooler just as easily, and the visual effect is much more satisfying.

~ Invest in a large roll of white drawing paper. Have your family use only this roll for all scribble testing of dried out markers and pens. When the paper is satisfactorily covered in ink, use it in place of store-bought gift wrapping as an artistically abstracted alternative.


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