Why Don't You
Unexpected Ideas for Daily Life, from Araks
Illustration by Cerise Zelentz


~ Stay consciously cool this summer with an eco-friendly fan.

~ Paint your left hand's nails to match your right foot's toes and vice versa so crossing your legs will result in each side's coordination.  

~ Belt your largest pair of trousers with a colorful satin ribbon. The oversized effect pairs quite nicely with a slim turtleneck or simple tank.  

~ Point to a spot on a spinning globe with your eyes closed and create your day's  outfit based on the location at which you land.

~ While swimming laps, add a fanciful spin to each completed circuit. The act will boost your heart rate as well as inject a bit of dramatic flair into your workout.

~ Ask your coworkers for a list of their favorite upcoming outdoor events. Attend the one you would be least likely to discover on your own.

~ Take a weekend road trip with your significant other, pulling over at each rest stop along the way to exchange small gifts purchased there (lottery tickets, ice cream bars, etc.).

~ Take four colorfully striped beach towels and sew them together to create a modern beach blanket. Share with your partner on the next sunny day.

~ Dedicate a small desk drawer at work to your favorite sunglasses. Having them close by will act as a reminder to enjoy your lunch break outside in the sun.