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Why Don't You..
Unexpected Ideas for Daily Life
Sketch of a turtleneck, pink pants, and heels
Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


 ~ Wear your Ally Pajama Pants out on balmy Spring nights with a feather light turtleneck and modern heeled sandals. Adding a clean, rolled cuff is also a welcome idea.

~ Collect an assortment of seven uniquely scented perfumes and alternate use with each day of the week. This rotational routine will keep your hectic schedule dreamily on track.

~ Invite each of your closest co-workers to bring their favorite trail mix component to the office. Create a collective snack mix to share communally at meetings.

~ Affix artificial pink roses to the collar of your family dog. Take him on a leisurely stroll through your nearest botanical garden.

~ Scatter your pocket change throughout your home. Go back and pick up each coin separately while performing a walking lunge.

~ On rainy Spring days, pack a picnic of tapas along with sangria. Spread a light blanket and enjoy with friends on your living room floor.

~ Locate a street within walking distance that you’ve never visited before. Stroll over on a sunny day and initiate a verbal exchange with someone you encounter on the way.

~ Slide a drawing of your partner’s favorite flower into their pocket as they head to work. When they arrive home, greet them with a tangible bouquet of the flower you penned.

~ Improvise a dinner recipe inspired by the last inspiring movie you saw.

~ Shop the Ally Pajama Pant.


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