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Why Don't You...
This Mother's Day Edition features gifts that keep growing, playful monogramming ideas, and how to set the mood for a perfect in-home nail salon.
Sketch of a pink button down
Illustration by Cerise Zelenetz


 ~ Monogram your mother’s favorite pajama top with not only her initials, but her entire family tree across the back. Alternatively, embroider the lyrics to one of her favorite tunes around the hem continuing onto the pant cuffs if the verse overruns the fabric.


~ Plan a day of activities for your mother based on her favorite travel destination. If she’s a Francophile for example, greet her with a croissant in bed, organize a picnic with assorted cheeses, and end the day with a museum exhibit on Les Nabis or a French film noir.


~ Together with your mother, plant a springtime herb such a coriander or sage in one of your backyards. Continue the tradition of adding a new herb yearly, creating new dishes with the resulting crops to serve at your Mother’s Day dinner.  


~ Write little promises to your mother on colorful squares of paper. A voucher to color coordinate her linen closet or stock her refrigerator with a selection of her favorite green juices for example. Fold the squares into various origami shapes and gather them together in a unique gift basket for her to discover.  


~ Purchase a matching set of colorful Araks slips or pajamas for both you and your mother. Make a promise to phone one another each time one of you sports the shared gift.   


~ From your own collection of favorite polishes, create a mini manicure station in your home. Invite your mother for a custom mani or pedi treatment complete with a handpicked assortment of her favorite magazines.


~ Invite all the mothers from your neighborhood together for a brisk, early morning walk. Share stories, strifes and stretches while you warm up for spending the day with family.


~ Have your mother teach you how to prepare one of your favorite childhood meals. This time, enjoy it with a custom cocktail pairing.


~ At your local florist, create a colorful custom bouquet for your mother using only flower varieties beginning with the letters that make up her name.


Discover silk robes and pajamas available for monogramming and shop our Mother's Day Gift Guide.


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